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Monday, March 7, 2011

The weekend

The weekend project...

Location : Putrajaya Challenge Park
Time : 11am till late
Activities : Wall climbing , photo shooting etc..

 1.Kid Belaying Iwar

 2.Me and kid try to act tough bouldering  .Yes Mostly Kid.

3.Iwar the Master..yes Iwar will teach you..he's goooooood..

4.Nawwar , Me and Kid after the climb,we eat bread with cheese as breakfast..

5.Kid thinking about his future....kot..

6.Pullman Hotels and resorts.

7.One of the roof structures in Pullman resorts building  .Yes it's impressive .

8.Yes , we are hugging each others.

ps: thanks kid for being a awesome photographer..hehe

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The first time i do korban.Year 2010.Kampung Sei Rahmat.Batu Gajah Perak.

Sentul Park : Kl Pac

Date        : 5 December 2010
Activities  : Picnic
Location  : Klpac 

 1.Amalina and her husband Mr.Lan...tearing the 'keropoks' pack..heh

2.Nawwar standing at one of the 'furniture' .

3. Nadia pointing at the ducks..

4.The Girls and the mom.

5.Me and Naqib..Acting cool ..huh

The New Year Stories...

Yes, they are my good friends...
At khalilah Wedding...
Even, I'm not the Op of the event, but i managed to get couple of snaps of them...:)
  1.The 'Jelitawan's"

2.Puteri Alia and Izatti

3.Ili Syazwani and Aini

4.Nadia ,  Azlin and Balkish

5.Amalina and Nawwar

Note: Nawwar at the right wearing the yellow dress is my fiancee..:)